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Saima Alam Samantha

Senior Lecturer

BSS in Economics (DU)

Room # 613 Ext # 612
Cell : 01517 123891
E-mail :

Saima Alam Samantha has completed her Bachelor of Social Science in Economics following Master’s in the same discipline from University of Dhaka. After graduation she served as a Research Associate for nearly a year in Innovision Consulting, an international consultancy firm providing research, technical assistance and project management services to multilateral and bi-lateral donor agencies, international development organizations and consultancies.

During this professional involvement she was responsible for providing overall coordination in research projects, developing research designs, data collection tool and methods and strategies for data management, design questionnaires as well as writing reports along with interpreting and analyzing data. Through her experience she has gained the ability to integrate superior organization with different important bodies of the country like DAE, BARI, RDA and communication skills across a certain level of research.

As an Economics Postgraduate student from University of Dhaka, she taken a variety of courses mostly related to research based works. She adepts at the courses International Trade, Dynamic optimization, Real Analysis, Cross Section and Time Series Econometrics, Panel Data Analysis, Advanced Micro and Macro Economics.