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Department of Social Sciences

Study of the society and social behavior is called social science. In addition, the study of how groups of people behave, often in an effort to predict how they will behave in the future. Also, social science is a branch of science that deals with the institutions and functioning of human society and with the interpersonal relationships of individuals as member of society.

Department of Social Sciences under the College of Arts and Sciences has been catering to the needs of social sensitization of students of the university by offering courses in social sciences. The university graduates contribute in many fields of the society such as: business, politics, leadership and shapes up the socio-economic culture of Bangladesh.

The Department of Social Sciences offers courses to students of all programs of the university as a part of general education curricula in order to orient them in all common features of the day to day phenomenon of human life. Subjects of this department are part of the graduation requirement. Through anthropology, students know about the proud heritage of oriental culture as well as the evolution of world culture as it shapes up today’s world.

Students know about rich and resourceful past and how this continent has become the place of academic integrity by studying history. Political science, public administration and journalism educate students on how to become a responsible citizen and how to become a critical fact finder and problem solver; to find out the motto of life.

Students read about the thoughts and philosophy and the life of the “WISE MEN of OLD “from social work, sociology, psychology; such as: Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and many more. Gradually, students can compare and contrast with their own culture and heritage and socio-economic condition with the ancient world as well as the modern part of the present world; which help them to make the right choice to build a better society. Incorporation of social science subjects in other departments and colleges at IUBAT make a graduate more robust citizen.

The Department of Social Sciences is committed to progress… to create more and more creative adult young citizen… to contribute in a progressive Bangladesh through the social science curricula.

Faculty Members – Philosophy


Md Shamsul Haque 

Assistant Professor


Farjana Hossain 

Assistant Professor

Kaniz Kakon

Assistant Professor
(Study Leave)

Faculty Members – Psychology


Professor Selina Nargis 

Treasurer & Director Administration
MA in Psychology (DU),
M Sc in Psychology (UK)

Room # 225   Ext # 234


Roksana Parvin 

Assistant Professor
MS in Psychology (DU),
BS Hons in Psychology (DU)

Room # 514   Ext # 501


Mallika De 

Assistant Professor
MSc in Psychology (DU),
BSc Hons in Psychology (DU)

Room # 815   Ext # 827

Tahmina Nazneen 

MS (DU),

Room # 714   Ext # 449

Mr. Mahady Hasanh 

MS (DU), BA Hons (DU)

Room # 1113 | Ext # 338

Mr.Arobindu Dash

M.Sc (DU), B.Sc (DU)

Room # | Ext #


Ms. Saiyeda Asea Asha 
(Study Leave)

MSc in Family and Child Psychology (Chester, UK)
MSc & BSc in Psychology (DU)


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