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Department of Language

The Department of Languages offers language courses to support general education programs of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAAS) as well as other colleges The department presently offers all the preparatory and advanced courses in English to all students of the university and has a large complement of faculty to carry out this task. The department also gets support from visiting faculty to teach courses in English from the UK, Canada, USA and the Netherlands.

There are 22 full time faculty members in the department, who are committed and dedicated to the development of the department. They obtained their higher degrees in the fields of English Language/Applied Linguistics/ELT and English Literature from renowned universities in Bangladesh. In addition, some faculty membersobtained higher academic degrees from foreign renowned universities. Please see the profile section- (the profiles of the faculty members in this department).On recommendation of the Academic Council of the university, the Board of Governors has recently approved this program for implementation

English Learning Centre

To facilitate and enhance the English language competence and performance, IUBAT has established an English Learning Center to provide the learners a language lab environment where students become familiar with the tools and technologies that can be integrated and used in Language Learning.