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Zahirul Amin 

Assistant Professor
MS in Physics (DU ), BSc Hons in Physics (DU)

Room # 410 | Ext # 164

Mr. Zahurul Amin was born in Narayanganjdistrictin. He passed S.S.C from Kamalpur Haji Jahiruddin High School,Bhairab, in 2002 and H.S.C from Notre Dame College in 2004. He completed his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics from Dhaka University securing 1st class in the academic year of 2008. He also achieved an M. Sc. in Physics from the same institution with a distinction in 2009, securing 1st class 8th position. After that he joined Jhenidah Cadet College as a lecturer in Physics. He joined IUBAT in 2012 as a faculty member of Physics Department.

Mr. Zahurul Amin researches in Theoretical Physics and Nano-particle Physics. His M. S. thesis was on “Temperature dependence of a self-diffusion co-efficient of a liquid transition metal”. He has publications in an international peer-reviewed journal,Physica: B published by Elsevier.
He has research experience in the production and properties of magnetic nano-particles and the synthesis of many nano-particles by bipolar arc discharge method. He has experience of using the transmission electron microscope (TEM) to observe the morphology of the magnetic nano-particles. He attended the 6th Shizuoka University International symposium in 2016 in Japan to present his research work. He has also attended the 14th International symposium towards the future of advance researcher at Shizuoka University, japan in 2018.
Currently he is working as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics of IUBAT University to spread his knowledge among the young students of the country.


  1. Title: A comparative study on temperature dependent diffusion coefficient of liquid Fe. Published by ELSEVIER (PhysicaB:CondensedMattter) | Co-Author : R.C. Ghosh, Ishtiaque M. Syed,G.M. Bhuiyan.
  2. Poster Paper : “Temperature dependent diffusion metal in three different methods” 6th Shizuoka University International symposium 2016, December 8th-9th.
  3. Symposium presentation: “Magnetic Properties of Carbon Coated Cobalt Nanoparticles Produced by Bipolar Pulsed Arc Discharge Method in the Presence of Magnetic Field” The 4th International Symposium towards the future of Advanced Researches in Shizuoka University 2018. March 6th 2018.

Research Interest:

  • Magnetic nanoparticles
  • Semiconductor Nanoparticles
  • Arc Discharge
  • Material Science
  • Theoretical Phyic