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Prof. Dr. Abul Khair

Prof. Dr. Abul Khair 

Chair & Dean CAAS

PhD (UC, UK), MSc, BSc Hons (DU)
Room # 321   Ext # 191
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Professor Abul Khair, PhD, Chair, Department of Chemistry, IUBAT University, joined IUBAT in 2011. Former Professor of Chemistry, University of Dhaka; 1967-2010. He did Honors and Masters in Chemistry from the same university and PhD from University of Cambridge, UK. He has published about 55 research papers on Inorganic, Physical, and Environmental Chemistry in national and international journals. Prof Khair developed a kit for the field detection of arsenic in groundwater. He discovered an instrument now styled ‘Abul’s Diffusimeter’ and a diffusion law termed ‘Law of Super diffusion’. The law renounces two classical theories of chemistry; Graham’s Law of diffusion and its ultimate form the Kinetic Molecular Theory. Indeed the Diffusimeter is equally a diffusive convection and a double diffusive convection system. The latter property makes the instrument highly demanding to the oceanographers who are waiting for it for decades. Meanwhile his discovery and invention were recognized and accepted by the American Chemical Society, ACS and Dr Khair on being invited has presented the theme of his invention and discoveries in the 252 ACS National Meeting and Exposition held at Philadelphia, PA, USA on August 24, 2016.

The instrument and the law are poised to bring a new era, styled, diffusimetry, in chemistry, astrophysics, oceanography, biophysics, and may other related sciences. Prof Khair was the first to publish desk and wall forms of Periodic Table of Chemical elements in Bangladesh. He was the founder Vice Chancellor of Noakhali Science and Technology University. Prof Khair is the Chemistry Ambassador of the American Chemical Society and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.