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Department of Physics

Physics, as one of the fundamental sciences, is concerned with the observation, understanding and prediction of natural phenomena and the behavior of man-made systems. It deals with profound questions about the nature of the universe and with some of the most important practical, environmental and technological issues of our time. The scope of physics is broad and involves mathematics, theory and experiments, observations, information and computing technology, materials. Physics seeks simple explanations of physical phenomena based on universal principles stated in the concise and powerful language of mathematics.

The principles of physics form a coherent unity applicable to molecules, neutron stars, super-fluids, and liquid crystals etc. Findings in physics have implications in all walks of life ranging from the way we perceive reality to gadgets of everyday use. Physicists constantly test the basic laws of nature by probing the unknown, the mysterious and the complex. They also search for new laws at the frontiers of knowledge, systematically seek novel properties of matter. They are alert to the possibility of applying physical idea and processes to new situations.

It offers a challenging, exciting and productive career. Physics opens doors to employment opportunities throughout the world in government sectors (Atomic Energy Commission, Scientific Research Centers), industries, educational institutions and private organizations. As a career, Physics covers many specialized fields—from Acoustics, Astronomy and Astrophysics to Medical Physics, Geophysics, and Vacuum Science etc.

Bangladesh is endeavoring to secure its place in the midst of its neighboring fierce competitors for power hunt. As part of it, the Government is going to establish Nuclear Power Plants in Rooppur and IUBAT has taken it as an academic persuasion. It is understood, even though the beginning of such a highly risky venture will require expertise of relevant hands which will be lent by the overseas experts; however, at some point of its life our nationals will have to take it over.  Such a foreseeing becomes the impetus of IUBAT to initiate a procedure to generate Nuclear Personnel who might be able to take the responsibility.

Keeping this in mind, a Task Force constituted by the Physics Faculties has developed a curriculum for Bachelor Degree in Physics concentrated on Nuclear Physics which will enrich the graduates with the knowledge of nuclear power as well as its safety measures.  So that in future the graduates can provide technical support and safety measures for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plants. The department is striving to offer this Bachelor Degree in the near future.

At present the department conducts classes on two theory courses as well as two lab courses for which syllabus on calculus based physics and on general topics have been designed focusing the suitability for engineering students and for non-engineering students respectively.

Physics Laboratory

The Physics department has a laboratory equipped with required facilities, instruments and equipments necessary for conducting experiment on physics at the elementary levelas well as higher level. The laboratory has facilities to conduct several experiments on Mechanics, Heat, Electricity and magnetism, Sound and Optics. The laboratory is being gradually expanded in terms of space and equipment to meet the enhanced needs.

Faculty Members

Dr Md Mahbubur Rahman 

Associate Professor & Coordinator

Zahirul Amin 

Assistant Professor


Priyanka Das Tithi 

Assistant Professor


Mohammad Hafizur Rahman Khan  

Assistant Professor

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