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Department of Quantitative Sciences

The Department of Quantitative Sciences is geared towards developing qualitative and analytical skills among the participants of the university community. Besides, providing support to needs of other programs in the areas of Mathematics and Statistics, the Department is planning to launch its degree program in Mathematics to be followed by Statistics.

Currently these two departments offer a number of courses to develop analytical and problem solving skill. Department of Statistics introduces the basic concepts and tools of statistics to the learners and enables them to relate these to real life problems.  Topics include probability concepts and laws, sample spaces, random variables (discrete and continuous); collection, processing, organization and presentation of data, frequency distribution, measure of central tendency and dispersion, hypothesis testing, regression, correlation, etc.

 Department of Mathematics provides knowledge on algebra, trigonometry and geometry. The department offers 2 courses to non-engineering students and 6 courses to engineering students. Topics include representation of data, set, arithmetic and geometric progression, solution of triangles, quadratic equation and inequalities, absolute value equation and inequalities, introduction to relation and functions, graphing, matrices, system of linear equations, introduction to differentiation and integration, concept of maxima and minima, applied calculus, differential equation, numerical analysis, discrete mathematics.

Faculty Members – Mathematics


Prof. M. Aman Ullah 

Professor & Chair


Mizanur Rahman 



Md Anwar Hossain 



Dr. Rajib Lochan Das 

Associate Professor

Faculty Members – Statistics

Dr.Khandoker Saif Uddin

Dr.Khandoker Saif Uddin 

Professor & Coordinator

PhD(JU), PGD (UK) ,M.Sc(C.U),B.Sc(Hons)C.U

Room # 808   Ext # 385
Cell : 01716923295
E-mail :


Rehana Parvin 

Senior Lecturer

MS, in Statistics (DU), BSc Hons in Statistics (DU)

Room # 708   Ext # 538
Cell : 01911-751193
E-mail :


Mohammed Motaher Hossain 

Senior Lecturer

MS (Sweden),MSc, In Statistics (CU), BSc Hon’s in Statistics (CU)

Room # 810   Ext # 246
Cell : 01679041756
E-mail :


Tamanna Siddiqua Ratna 


Room # 717   Ext # 880
Cell : 01520102752
E-mail :


Tanzin Akhter 


M.S (DU), B.S(DU)

Room # 710   Ext # 448
Cell : 01515210031
E-mail :

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