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Course information

  1. 125 Credit Hours
  2. 9 Credit Hours of Practicum
  3. 12 Semesters Over 4 Years

Counselling & Guidance

  • The facilities of counselling and guidance are available to students under the leadership of qualified Clinical psychologist.
  • This service is provided under the Counselling and Guidance Centre of IUBAT.

Alumni and Placement Services

  • Alumni and graduates assistance regarding career planning and employment.
  • Assistance in placement to students in their final semester for practicum work in real life organizations
  • Assistance in placement to graduate students in securing career employment.

Academic Support Services

  • The services offered include a special academic course, reading and tutorial assistance, counseling, referral, educational and cultural activities.
  • To facilitate the transition to this new environment, the university offers a   required course under the label of Educational Planning.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • The services offered include a special academic course, reading and tutorial assistance, counseling, referral, educational and cultural activities.
  • To facilitate the transition to this new environment, the university offers a   required course under the label of Educational Planning.


  • English debates on contemporary issues.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics program in IUBAT

The Department of Economics under the College of Arts and Sciences of IUBAT offers a degree program in Economics, provide courses in economics under the general education module of other colleges of the university, conducts research and organizes seminars, workshops and training on economic issues facing the society.

Educational programs of the Department also receives support from other departments and colleges of the university to realize its objective of developing manpower in the field of economics as well as making contribution to solution of economic problems facing the country.

Students and faculty of the Department have access to all facilities of the university including extensive use of IT facilities provided by the Computer Education and Training Centre (CETC) for training and research.


  1. The graduates of the program will be capable of applying economics like cost benefit Knowledge in the fields of Economics and Business.
  2. They will also be able to investigate the current and future problems or challenges in the above mentioned fields with the application of modern tools and techniques by which they will explore and develop solutions to meet the challenges.
  3. They will also develop their ethics and skills to work in a team or as individuals to efficiently manage projects in an environmental friendly and sustainable way.
  4. The graduates will be competent to pursue advanced education, research and innovation, and to adapt in distinguished position of professional careers by engaging in life-long learning.

Duration of Study

The minimum requirement for BAEcon degree is 125 credit hours plus such courses as may be prescribed on the basis of individual competency and requires 4 years to complete for a full time student.  A semester is of 16 weeks duration, and there are 3 semesters in a year and as such, a full time student can complete the degree requirements earlier. However, students must take 4 years to complete the program.

Grading Policy

Letter Equivalent Marks in Percentage Grade
A 90-100 4.0
B+ 87-89 3.7
B 84-86 3.4
B- 80-83 3.1
C+ 77-79 2.8
C 74-76 2.5
C- 70-73 2.2
D+ 65-69 1.5
D 60-64 1.0
F Below 60 0.0

Career & Placement Services

The scope of Economics as a career is significant at both national and international level. The field is highly interesting and is the basis of every other sector. Hence it offers a great opportunity to the graduates to develop their career in diversified field. Career in economics is adorned with honor, recognition, knowledge, skilled expertise and financial gains.

Assistance in career placement takes various forms of services ranging from on campus interviewing with the employers to resume referral to employers seeking graduates for employment.  Most services are available for current students, but seniors or graduates can also register with this office prior to their graduation for assistance in career placement.  The university offers a course on career planning and guidance in which the students are trained in resume writing and critiquing, job search techniques and interviewing skills.  This course prepares the student to plan and approach career exploration.  Besides, the placement office provides individualized counseling on a limited basis on preparing job applications.

Career Path

Sector Organizations in Bangladesh


Fields of Economics Government and Public sector enterprises §  Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)

§  Bangladesh Bank

§  Bangladesh Export Processing Zone

§  Social Development Foundation (SDF)

§  Bangladesh Customs

Accounting and Finance §  Graduates can get job in accounts and budget management and analysis in any private and public organization
Bank and /non-Bank Financial Institute §  Public Banks (Sonali, Janata, Rupali)

§  Private Banks (Standard Chartered Bank, DBBL, EBL)

§  Insurance Company

§  Stock Exchange Company

Education §  Respected teaching jobs in schools, colleges and universities
Production and Operation §  Skill on pricing and product design and corporate strategy can get them jobs in industries like Bengal Group, Pran-RFL, Chemical Industries.
Health §  Graduate who has specialization in Health Economics can get position in ICCDRB, WHO and public health related any donor funded projects.
Agricultural Economist §  BARI, BRRI, BINA, BJRI, BARC,  IRRI, IFPRI, CIMMYT, Rural Development Academy (RDA).
Nonprofit Development fields/ NGO §  NGOs and International Aid Agencies: the firms like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IMF, and other Development Banks, Aid agencies, USAID, IFAD, USDA, DANIDA, FAO, IDE, CARE, BRAC, WorldVision, ASA, PROSHIKA, DFID, WorldFish, British American Tobacco (BAT).
Research §  Economic graduates can get jobs in various research positions at organizations such as: ICDDRB, BIDS, PKSF, ERG, SANEM, CPD and Bangladesh Bank.
Consultancy §  Economic graduates can do consultancy in various projects funded by donor.
Career Beyond Economics Journalism


§  Economic graduates are able to get a job in newspaper, journal or media where they can present and analyze news of world economics and commerce.
Post Graduation §  An economic graduate can also pursue further education in law, MBA programs, programs in public policy and administration, master’s and PhD programs in economics, and in other business and social science disciplines: Population Economics, International Relations, Development Economics and Environmental Economics.